June 28, 2016

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LearnSecure – Secure Appliance is a Dexler innovation, which makes e-learning accessible to academic audiences in technology-challenged markets without requiring Internet connectivity, while keeping costs low. Additional challenges for education providers include protecting their valuable intellectual property from unauthorised use, reproduction, and piracy. One more issue is to reduce the impact on the environment. Dexler’s solution, LearnSecure – Secure Appliance, effectively addresses these requirements.

LearnSecure Secure Appliance is a solution that allows customers to securely deploy e-learning content to their target audiences without having to publish it online, and without requiring the end learners to procure bandwidth for streaming the e-learning they need to consume.

The content is delivered through a secured appliance combining offline delivery with network-based authentication.

LearnSecure – Secure Appliance manages to address three key challenges with massive-scale e-learning delivery to learners within a campus:

  • Scale – hundreds or even thousands of learners can concurrently consume rich e-learning content without any degradation in perceived performance.
  • Cost – The cost of delivering e-learning courses through LearnSecure-SA is extremely low, and unlike other delivery models, does not increase proportionally to the number of users or courses delivered.
  • Security – AES 256 encryption ensures that the content provider has complete control over who accesses the content, for how long, and from where.