SAP User Experience Management (UEM) by KNOA is a software designed to help organizations realize the full value from their investment in SAP by facilitating efficient business process execution, reduction in training and support costs, and increased user empowerment.

KNOA can provide the visibility to drive adoption and optimize your workforce. It also offers insight on how employees interact with SAP applications, helps measure impact on day-to-day operations and ultimately, increases adoption to realize efficiencies and save money.

Dexler Usage Health Check (DUHC) empowers organizations to identify complexities of key business functions and deliver a roadmap to enable users to be more productive, responsive and engaged.

UEM Consulting Service Core Metrics and Usage

Utilizing the UEM systems core metrics the DUHC service by Dexler provides detailed reports focused on three primary analysis areas:

1. User Activity and Process Adoption Analysis
2. Error Analysis and Reduction
3. Application Performance Analysis and Improvement

KNOA UEM Process Flow


Targeted Consulting Examples

Powered by SAP UEM by KNOA, the DUHC provides clear concise examples to streamline change management and utilize available resources more efficiently. The analysis reports and review sessions provide guidance for critical focus areas that include: