June 28, 2016


Dexler works with numerous organisations to bring their compliance training – covering the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and Workforce Health and Safety (WH&S) programmes – to life online in an engaging and informative manner. We anticipate that your organisation’s EEO and WH&S e-learning will be no exception.

Organisations differ greatly in their work environments and culture, and we feel that it is important to align the culture of the organisation with the training solution. We communicate this in the context of EEO and WH&S.

Many design decisions go into creating a memorable and effective EEO & WHS module. These are guided by our understanding of the organisation and its EEO & WHS goals. We can discuss with you some design considerations and suggestions. You will gain confidence on our ability to create the appropriate and specific online EEO & WHS learning platforms for your organisation. We can give you samples of our courseware, to demonstrate how creative and engaging your course can be.

Themes and Metaphors

Based on our experiences in developing award-winning EEO & WHS learning solutions, we highly recommend incorporating themes and metaphors into your courseware. Themes and metaphors in the courseware convey the instructional messages, so that the EEO & WHS learning experience is memorable for the learners.


Reflecting the Culture and the Brand

The EEO & WHS platforms teach your learners more than just the processes and policies unique to your organisation. The graphics, the language, and the learning experience itself are crafted to reinforce the “brand” of your organisation. These design factors often draw significantly from the internal branding of your organisation as your employees see it (and as your organisation wishes its employees to see it). For this reason, the online EEO & WHS courses are an important organisational development initiative. Such an initiative ensures that your organisation communicates positive and organisationally aligned cultural values to its employees.

As part of the design process, we at Dexler will work with you to identity an appropriate graphic and textual communication style, to help you visualise how these will come to life.

By branding the EEO & WHS experiences with a theme, your organisation can incorporate communication devices for increasing awareness and interest in the workplace. This step also provides incentives for the learners completing the courseware.

We look forward to working with your organisation during the Design Session, to discuss your ideas for instructional themes. We can explore ideas on how you would like to utilise them in the EEO & WHS programmes.



Promoting an Active and Engaged Workforce

You want your new employees to be active and engaged. Our learning design is all about making sure that their first experience, the EEO & WHS programmes, results in these positive outcomes. By means of activities that propel learners into making decisions, forming opinions, and reconsidering their existing preconceptions about issues, we ensure that they are cognitively active and absorbed in the learning experience.

To achieve motivated learning, our e-learning modules incorporate our capabilities, such as the practical utilisation of advanced learning theory and instructional design models. We use a specifically developed “YouTube” style technology for scripting and recording audio, scripting and producing videos, and creating and using illustrations and animations.

The online course needs to be of high quality and should be easy to use, interactive, and intuitive. Specifically, it needs to be instructionally sound. This can happen if it includes various multimedia elements, such as (provided) videos, illustrations (cartoons), and animations.